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Clara's Flowers

Photo Gallery

Kristin's Fall Wedding Kristin's Fall Wedding Kristin and her ladies With a neutral color on her maids and helpers, Kristin mixed dahlias, roses, hydrangeas and mums for a fall look that had her personality. 169155684 Bountiful Reception We continued to use textures and mixed colors on the table pieces and highlighted the Tuscan-style head table with "poofs" of petals. 169155685 In Style Hawthorne House in Parkville was the setting for this lovely by Sarah Dickerson. 169155686 Up Close Featuring lots of texture and colors, these fall blooms did the job! 169430296 Happy Couple What a beautiful fall day! 169430297 The Fountain When it's this pretty outside, you just have to move the photos there. 169430298 Kansas City The perfect backdrop for the perfect photo from Sarah Dickerson. 169430299 Architecture Love Wow, what a great shot. 169430300 Happily Ever After Yes, pretty cheesy but so very beautiful and true. 169430301